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Layered Defenses for Email Servers

Updated on 2 November 2017SECURITYGATEWAY


Developed with 20 years of proven email security expertise, SecurityGateway provides affordable email security. It protects against spam, viruses, phishing, spoofing, and other forms of malware that present an ongoing threat to the legitimate email communications of your business
SecurityGateway for Email Servers provides detailed logs for administrators and users, showing the status of each email (delivered, quarantined, rejected) - and why it was rejected or quarantined. Its comprehensive reporting helps administrators identify mail traffic patterns and potential problems. These logs and reports provide an at-a-glance overview of email traffic, as well as antivirus and anti-spam activity.

Detailed Logs
  • Message Logs - Color-coded displays highlight a variety of common, uniquely identifiable information about each message for easy analysis and action.
SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Message Logs Whitelisting
  • Message Log Filtering - The Message Log Search feature may be used to search all logs based on specific criteria.
SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Message Log Filtering
  • Historical Logs - Historical logs provide searchable information with color-coded events to assist administrators in identifying problems and troubleshooting mail delivery issues.
SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Historical Logs

Comprehensive Real-Time Charting Reports

  • Summary Report 
SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Reports Summary
  • Separate Inbound and Outbound Email Reports
  • AntiSpam Report 
AntiSpam Report
  • AntiVirus Report
  • Local Users' Reports
  • Scheduled Statistics Report

Block Traffic from Specific Countries with Location Screening - New

  • Location Screening 
SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Location Screening

Protection from Internal/External Threats
  • AntiSpam / AntiVirus / AntiSpoofing / AntiAbuse
  • Email Authentication / Filtering / Blacklists / Whitelists
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Policy Enforcement using Sieve Filter Language
  • Encryption: SSL and TLS



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