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Layered Defenses for Email Servers

Updated on 2 November 2017SECURITYGATEWAY


Developed with 20 years of proven email security expertise, SecurityGateway provides affordable email security. It protects against spam, viruses, phishing, spoofing, and other forms of malware that present an ongoing threat to the legitimate email communications of your business
Encrypt, Track/Prove, and E-Sign with RMail

RMail™ is intuitive to use and there’s no requirement for your recipients to have any special software whatsoever. RMail™ empowers email usage for consumers and businesses of all sizes, across all industries and departments.

The RMail™ service is powered by RPost's Registered Email® technology, the global standard for email delivery proof. The RMail™ service extends your email platform, providing:

  • Track your important emails and know precisely when they’re delivered and opened.
  • Proof of Delivery, Time, and Exact Content.
  • Easily encrypt sensitive emails and attachments for security or legal compliance.
  • RMail™ makes it easy for all parties to e-sign and complete a transaction. delivered and opened. 

Using a free RPost account, each user is limited to sending/receiving 10 encrypted messages per month. Additional messages can be purchased through RPost.  

The RMail™ service may be enabled from the Security | RMail™ page or as an action of a message content filter rule. 

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Prevent Sending of Sensitive Data

A variety of new data leak prevention rules have been added, allowing administrators to prevent employees from sending email messages containing sensitive information such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and other types of sensitive data outside of company security policies.

 SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Data Leak Prevention

Access to Free Certificates

SecurityGateway now supports "Let's Encrypt," a certificate authority service that uses an automated process to provide free certificates for Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption for secure websites

Assign Message Size Limits on Per-Domain Basis

Message size limits can be assigned globally or on a per-domain basis for added flexibility in multi-domain environments.

Block Traffic from Specific Countries with Location Screening

Location Screening, a feature that was also recently introduced in MDaemon, allows administrators to block email from specific countries. This is useful if you don’t have users in certain regions. By default, all email traffic is blocked, but if you prefer to only block authentication attempts from these regions, you can simply check the box to block these attempts.

 SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Location Screening

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