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Posted on 1 Aug 2015 CLEAN SLATE COMPLETE

Clean Slate Complete
Non-restrictive desktop protection (Clean Slate®), restrictive desktop protection (Fortres 101) or your Ideal combination of both


  • The flexibility to easily select between non-restrictive disk protection, lock down restrictive security, or the combination of both providing you with the most complete computer protection. 
Windows Critical Updates and antivirus updates run automatically and are saved while security is active, no configuration or computer downtime required    
Quickly disable or enable security, no need to reboot   
Easily select individual files and folders to be free of security; this is ideal when permanent changes are desired, no partitioning required    
Your computer will remain free from downloads and software installations, including spyware, adware, and viruses
Ideal solution for public access, lab, and kiosk computers
Automatic log off, shut down, or restart after a period of inactivity 
New software cannot be permanently installed without your authorization
Allows the use of third party software deployment tools like Altiris® and LANDesk® while security is active
Enterprise Management

  • Quickly enable, disable, and configure security for all computers from one location
  • Control Clean Slate Complete security based on computer, user, or group
  • Shut down, log off, and restart remote computers
  • User and group settings follow the user to every computer on the network
  • Centrally store and manage configuration files
  • Disable computer security at scheduled times
  • Supports Windows 2012/2008/2003 servers and can read users from any LDAP server



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