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Introducing Axigen

Posted on 15 Oct 2017Axigen

A collaborative multi-platform email server that fits you

Axigen BM is a business-class solution providing premium features such as Calendaring & Collaboration, Push Email & Mobile Sync, Extensive Security Toolset, High Availability & Clustering, etc. Axigen grants extensive branding options and is localized in over 29 languages (including right-to-left writing mode). The Axigen BM solution is an affordable alternative to the more expensive e-mail server solutions on the market.  Axigen BM being multi-platform is supported on Linux, Windows Server and Solaris.


X1 is Axigen X on steroids — its name stands for 1 noteworthy change in each relevant product area. Find out more.


Users will be happy with the professional-looking web interface to manage their email, organize and share calendars, mobile sync on this secure  mail server. Making it the perfect answer for businesses of all sizes.

Axigen webmail

Some of the benefits of having on-premise mail server solution:

Easily adopt new technology.  Freedom to choose the technology that would best fit your business.  

Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Since you are only paying for your user licences once, an on-premise solution can have a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as compared to a cloud system wherein you spend more for bandwidth per user as well as for disk space in the long run.

Data Privacy. With on-premise systems, you are in full control of your organization's most sensitive data.

Local support.  Issues get resolve more quickly as local vendor tend to understand more of the situation.  Not to mention the benefit of having the same time zone.



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